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Children's yoga teacher
and picture book author

Breathing keeps us mindful,

Stretching keeps us supple, 

Meditation and imagination keep us peaceful.  


Breathe, Stretch, Imagine! 

Don't Be Grumpy, Monkey! picture book.jpg

Monkey is having a grumpy day.

Happy Panda says yoga can help!




Work together...NO!

Happy Panda says how about a

little song?


"A balm for the body and mind."


The Year I Stopped to Notice

Yaks Can Do Yoga!


Yoga makes children happy, healthy and strong! But if you are a clumsy yak, with wobbly hooves, who has never done yoga before, it can be tricky. Join Yak in her first Happy Panda class and see how she discovers the power and playfulness of yoga.


"This would be a valuable resource in the classroom, perfect for all teachers to use confidently."

Salboreads book blogger


"A wonderfully written and illustrated story, make sure you have some stretchy pants on before starting this fun and entertaining book!"

ABC mini reviewers

"I love how this book shows children how to do yoga, breaking it down into terms they would really understand."

Debbie future bookworms

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