Teen Yoga 

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The teenage years are a time of discovery, experimentation, transition and the pushing of boundaries; a time of self-discovery. Teenagers who have a great support network in family, friends and school and who have the ability to express who they are can really flourish. They can make positive relationships and feel good about their unique selves.


But teens these days have busy lifestyles, juggling school classes and extracurricular activities. They have worries about friends and their appearance, with extra pressure from social media. All of this can leave them feeling self-conscious, getting stuck in conflicts with their friends, and sometimes becoming isolated.


Teen yoga is very beneficial in helping them relax, become calm and improve concentration. Relaxing yoga poses will help them become strong, grounded …and more flexible, while learning how to unwind, let go of tension and feel renewed. They will enjoy working with friends doing partner, balancing and relaxing poses. And they will have fun making human mandala shapes … like a moving human kaleidoscope!


Once these simple techniques are introduced they can help teenagers, in everyday life, to stay happy, calm and strong and to return to their own inner safe happy place!


“II like doing partner poses, and I like our warm-up and I like how we share what we like to do n the yoga class..  My favourite is when we relax after the yoga class.”

Sukhamani | Year 7

“II like yoga classes because it's fun.  I especially like crow pose. I have a very nice teacher and I love playing yoga games.”

Pavin | Year 7

“I enjoy doing yoga with relaxing.  We always feel better afterwards as well and we love when we sing the  Ra Ma Da Sa mantra”

Mary | Year 9