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Hello and welcome,


Being a children’s yoga teacher, and a children’s author is the most wonderful combination; teaching children and writing about something which I am so passionate about is a dream come true.


Ever since I was a little girl I loved stretching! I did ballet and gymnastics. I loved dancing and movement. I loved performing, making puppets and writing stories for them. I always loved dreaming up stories and creating characters.


I was born in Yugoslavia (Serbia now). My artistic temperament was somehow overlooked and I ended up in medical school graduating as a midwife. At the time, anatomy and the other areas of study didn’t appear so appealing, but little did I know that I would later revisit these topics and become obsessed with how they apply to my own yoga practice, children’s yoga and teen yoga.


When I arrived in England I studied method acting, and by chance began working as a physical performer and entertainer. It was then, being surrounded by dancers, trapeze artists and acrobats that I started practicing Ashtanga yoga. I loved it so much that I began my self-practice every morning, realising that this was the way forward for me.


Working with children has always been my focus and I spent the last 30 years working and writing in theatre, as a children's entertainer and children’s drama teacher. Along the way, I picked up other skills; stilt walking, and balloon modelling. I traveled around the world entertaining children and families. I also worked in and wrote for children’s TV and had my own children’s TV show “Ballooniville” on the channel Cartoonito.


Three years ago, I completed my children’s yoga training and then a little later my teen yoga training. I live in Windsor with my husband and two children where I work as a yoga teacher, teaching children of all ages in local schools; in PE and after-school clubs, holiday clubs and nurseries. When I am not teaching I write yoga stories and make balloon models!

If you would like to see some very entertaining balloons then please visit my Balloon Modelling Instagram page


Yoga is a science. The way it works is medically proven and our bodies and minds need it more than ever in this over busy modern world. Teaching children yoga in schools is as important as teaching spelling and times tables!


Being connected to my fellow authors is also important to me. I am a member of SCBWI, The Society of Authors and a Member of Equity for actors and performers.


I am also a Yoga Alliance Professionals member and approved yoga teacher.


Happiness, Health and Love



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