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Children's Yoga 

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Yoga makes children happy. Yoga is for everyone! 

Children’s yoga is specially designed for children and is also adapted and refined to suit their different ages, abilities, and levels of energy and pace. It has many medically proven and powerful benefits, including:


  • develop concentration, bring calm, and build self-esteem


  • build co-ordination and strength


  • relax the nervous system and  stimulate the immune system to foster strong  and healthy bodies


  • create a healthy awareness of the body and connection with the natural world


Yoga enables children to slow down in today's fast world. With the busyness of day-to-day life, it can come as a surprise to children how enjoyable yoga meditation is when ‘everything stops’, enabling children to feel calm.

Mindfulness and meditation are accessible and fun! The creative visualization exercises tap into young children’s innate imagination, facilitating a deeper understanding of their emotions and developing confidence and resilience.


Happy Panda Children’s Yoga is a mindfulness resource for children 3-11 years old, providing yoga, picture books, creativity, nourishing their imaginations and empowering their wellbeing.

For more information please visit the

Happy Panda Children's Yoga website



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What children say about the yoga classes...


"I like yoga because I get to try different yoga poses, my favourites are balancing poses.” Kavi age 8

"My favourite is yoga stories and games." Bertie age 5

"I like when we sing Happiness Song!" Florence and 6

"The teacher is very nice, the games lots of fun." Trishwanth age 7

"I like yoga classes because my friends and I like partner poses." Isabell age 10

"My favourite thing about yoga club is doing partner poses, seeing friends and relaxing after PE," Mercie age 10

"Yoga makes me calm, yoga makes me peaceful, and yoga definitely makes me happy!" Frankie age 8

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